15 Ways To Make Your Loved One Extra Special on this Valentine’s Day 2022

15 Ways To Make Your Loved One Extra Special on this Valentine’s Day 2022

We all give gifts to our loved ones to appreciate them and as a symbol of love toward them. And why not?

They deserve it. Women also eagerly wait for this day.

Every woman likes to celebrate Valentine's day as an extra special every year. Women always dedicate themselves to her family. And It’s not by force, but willfully.

You've probably got her flowers, jewelry items, sweets, and chocolates, or material gifts like a Sweatshirt, Keytag, AirPods on Valentine's Day in the past. Then, what is next?

Oh, you don’t need to worry about it. Still, you have many things to make it extra special. Here are the best 15 ways to celebrate it.


1. Organize a Lunch For Your Loved One’s Closest friends

It may be a thrilling idea to celebrate Valentine’s day 2022 by organizing a Galentine lunch for your loved one's closest friends.

Yes, think twice and imagine, how exciting it will be?  Let’s suppose it’s your wife whom you want to organize. Call her all the closest friends and don’t tell her about it. Keep it secret and request all of her friends to do the same. 

When you all sit together at the table in her home or banquet, then open up your plan. And gift a Digital Portrait having old memories. She will be stunned by sweet gestures.

2. Re-write Your First Date History

The first date is unforgettable. Even though it was funny, full of mistakes, and showed huge immaturity but still ignited the spark of first love. Now it has been a long time since you first met.

Go back to the same place and repeat some memories on this special day and give a personalized minimalist faceless portrait photo describing first love.

3. Surprise With Self-cooked Breakfast and Coffee

It’s a simple idea but yet effective and stunning. Usually, the wife cooked breakfast daily for most of the family. You have a chance to break this chain on valentine’s day to make it extra special. 

Wake up early in the morning and cook a meal that she loves the most. And served on the table before she woke up. Don’t forget to offer coffee in her personalized collage photo mug.

4. Romantic Candlelight Dinner at Home

Dinner is a normal thing but we are talking about something special. Usually, we go to the restaurant for a special dinner. Plan it at your home.

You can easily hire a cook or order your favorite food online sitting at home. Decorate your living room with customized photo 90z scented candlelight and enjoy unlimited.

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5. Write a Love Letter

Don’t think it’s an old-time way to love. It’s a very simple and beautiful way to express your heart to your loved one. Sometimes we couldn’t express our thoughts by mouth due to shyness and other things.

But when you start writing a love letter you become specific and a human mind starts thinking about good things that happened in the past.

Do you know? Everyone likes to read a love letter that talks about him/her. It’s an exciting way to celebrate v-day with your loved one.

6. Play Games with Children

Children are lovely, they deserve that we love them and it’s our duty too. Playing games inside or outside of the home with kids is a good idea to make Valentine’s Day extra special for your family. 

Play whatever they love to play then present customized jigsaw photo puzzles for the remembrance of the day.

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7. A Trip Outside Human Civilization

No doubt Humans have become tech-addicted. People spend more time with their gadgets than families. It’s a good opportunity to plan a trip beyond human development.

A place where human development can’t reach. Where you can feel nature, the love of God.

8. Gift Custom Face Socks

Material gifts are still exciting if you can convert them into creative art.

You may have gifted many things to your loved one, but personalized custom face socks are unique on their own. It reflects your love for your loved one.

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9. Go for a Romantic Bath

Bathing together is one of the sexiest valentine’s day celebration ideas. Since it’s an in-house activity you can enjoy tech-free quality time together.


10. Go Shopping Together

Don’t take stress if your loved ones are choosy. It’s very simple to make them happy.

Take her to a shopping mall or famous marketplace and let her choose herself. It’s a nice idea because women love to shop more and more.


11. Bike Rides On Hill Station

Mountain speaks about beauty. You may have visited a hill station but riding as a couple on the bike feels like a thrilling experience.

Start your journey early so you can witness the sunrise on the top of the mountain. Enjoy all the fresh air and beautiful sights.



12. Pillow Cushions With the Image of Your Loved one

Gifts are always good and you can’t measure their value. Make your valentine’s day extra special by decorating your bedroom with love. Replace your pillow with a personalized custom heart collage pillow.

 It’s a unique gift that you can give to your loved one. It will make them feel your love whenever they use it.

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13. Plan a Sledding

Sledding is a great idea to celebrate valentine’s day with your loved ones. It’s an adventurous entertaining idea.

Don’t limit yourself to just a picnic. Enjoy as much as you enjoy together.

14. Go Camping Under Stars

You can go camping and spend some time under the stars. It’s a beautiful romantic moment when the couples are in a location where stars are visible. Experience some time in the camp.

15. Book a Luxury Hotel Room For a Night

If you don’t want to celebrate your valentine’s day at home. Then, it’s a good time to spend a night in a luxury hotel room. Staying with your partner in a luxury hotel for a night can feel like another world.


In this blog, we have tried to bring a bunch of ideas to make valentine’s day extra special. Mainly we have focused on making things more creative. These ideas are very simple and doable for everyone. Still, we believe you are the best planner for you.

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